Every year to come to puzzle over: “What can I give her for her birthday?” Cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, appliances – everything has already been, the fantasy ends. So why not surprise with a gift-impression? Especially now, photo shoots are at the peak of popularity. How to organize everything and decide on a theme? Let’s go in order.

Who will suit?

Most men are skeptical about events of this kind. What can not be said about the beautiful half. Birthday, March 8, New Year, February 14, Mother’s Day – there are plenty of reasons. Therefore, the main characters of the photo shoot can be:

wife or girlfriend
Mother-in-law or mother-in-law
How to organize and present?

There are 3 options for presenting a gift-impression.

Ask directly: in what style does the girl dream of being photographed? And on the appointed day, bring her to the photographer.
Give a certificate for a photo shoot. And she herself will decide on the decor of the hall or a place on the street.
Warn her to dress beautifully, blindfold and present a surprise already in place.
Now there are a huge number of studios and zones for a photo shoot. All women want to feel confident, and for this you need to look 100%. Therefore, the ideal option is to hire not only a photographer, but also a makeup artist, a hairdresser. They will create a finished image in an hour. To do this, you just need to agree with the photographer in advance. Most offer image preparation as an additional service or include them in package deals.

Family having fun with gifts for their fdaughters

Ideas and images

It is better to pay attention to photographers who offer different styles of shooting. So in one photo session there will be an opportunity to conduct a minimalistic portrait photography, and thematic, and a steam room, etc.

So that the photos are not of the same type, you need to try on several images. A small change in hair and makeup will be useful. But the world of photography is much wider than it seems. There are very creative ideas that many will like.

Photo session with animals. You can go with the photographer to the farmstead, where lynxes, deer, roe deer, goats, raccoons live. Or visit a kennel with dogs. Breeds such as husky, akita, great dane, greyhounds are very popular.
Photo session in the theater. Majestic columns, high ceilings – all this gives a special entourage.
Costumed photo session. Maybe a girl / girl is a fan of a movie, series or cartoon? There is nothing better than wish fulfillment.
Couple photo session. Arranging a photo shoot for two to surprise your loved one is the right approach to the holiday. Ideally, this is a photo shoot in the studio and on the street (or in nature).

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