Obviously, you need to look as neat as possible. It is advisable to get a good night’s sleep before shooting, so as not to give the impression of a tired person with your photo. The employer is interested in you being full of energy and enthusiasm.

Clean, tidy business attire is a must. In most cases, restrained tones are preferred, but if the desired profession is in a creative field, such as marketing, then brighter colors are quite acceptable. The main thing is that the image is harmonious. It is important that the collar is not too open, and the pattern, if present, is simple enough that nothing distracts the viewer from your face.

It should be remembered that the photo on the resume should show you the way the employer would like to see you every day. Therefore, restraint in the image is an important factor. Wear light everyday makeup that will give you confidence without drawing too much attention. If you are unsure about your skills as a makeup artist, you can also take the help of a professional. Our studio provides such an opportunity right at the shooting location, by prior arrangement.

As for the hairstyle, everyone understands that in a professional photo it should be neat. It is not at all necessary to cut your hair short, if you are a man with luxurious hair, it is enough to make a successful styling. You can also contact a stylist for this. It is important for a woman to style her hair so that her face remains open.

Of course, a smiling, friendly person looks attractive. However, a smile that is too wide, as if you are about to laugh, can give the impression of a careless, frivolous person about you. We will leave such photos for our social networks. A smile in a photo on a resume is appropriate, but it is better if it is restrained. On the other hand, looking sullen is also undesirable, especially if friendliness is an important factor in your future profession.

In most cases, your resume photo will show you from around your shoulders and up, so the most important posing tip is to be relaxed and confident. In rare cases, the employer may request a photo from the waist line or in full growth if the appearance is critical for the profession. If this is about you, then in addition to all of the above, the position of the hands is important. It is convenient if you sit at a table (our studio has a great desk) and you can fold your hands in front of you. If you are standing, you can fold your arms over your chest, the main thing is not to cross the line between a confident and overly closed posture.

A professional photographer will always tell you a good pose and advise on the image. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take a responsible approach to creating a photo on your resume, and turn to a professional. This will greatly increase your chances of making a good first impression and getting an interview. We wish you good luck in finding your dream job!

An interesting fact: in the US, UK and Ireland, it is not customary to place a photo on a resume, as it is believed that this may affect the recruiter’s objectivity when choosing a candidate.

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