Let’s analyze in detail the 6 main reasons why you should arrange a Love Story photo shoot

1. The ability to get used to the camera and learn how to pose.

Staged shooting will help the bride and groom get used to the camera and relax. This will help a lot at the wedding, when there is already plenty of excitement. The tightness and stiffness of the heroes of the occasion negatively affect the quality of wedding photos. In addition, with the help of a photographer, the couple will learn how to pose so that the photos look beautiful and natural.

2. Opportunity to get to know the photographer better.

This moment is extremely important for both the photographer and the couple. The master will be able to find the most advantageous angles and poses for the bride and groom without haste, which will later be very helpful in wedding photography. The bride and groom will be able to get used to the photographer, his manner of communication, behavior, they will no longer be shy, they will be able to discuss the moments of shooting together, try something in the frame.

3. Photo session without limits: any ideas and locations.

Shooting Love Story is planned in advance. This also applies to the venue, and the ideas that the couple wants to implement. Its participants and the photographer have an almost unlimited amount of time and the opportunity to recover for a photo session in the desired location. There is no rush. You can take pictures with pleasure and benefit, implement original ideas, experiment.

4. More great photos.

Photos from the shooting of the Love story will remind the couple of the wonderful story of their love, of the happy moments spent together. They will surely decorate the first of the common family albums.

5. Ability to use photos for wedding accessories.

Photographs from shooting love stories can also be used in practice, namely, they can be used to make wedding accessories – from invitation and banquet cards to a wish book. This will give individuality to wedding printing products.

6. Slideshow at the wedding.

Another way to use professional photos of the wedding guests is somewhere other than the album. From the photos taken during the Love Story photo session, you will get a wonderful slideshow with sound. During the wedding banquet, you can arrange a viewing. A storm of emotions and delight of guests are guaranteed.

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