How is hdr image created?

To create the kind of photo I’m talking about in the third point above, you need to superimpose several shots on top of each other, taken with a small difference: overexposed, normal, underexposed. Basically combine photos taken with exposure compensation. But there are other options as well.

More often these are three photos, but sometimes more – a whole series. Naturally, in the latter case, more patience and skills will be required to turn, in fact, raw material from many photographs into just one, so to speak, ideal.

It is in the manual mode of the camera that it will be more convenient for professionals to work. If you are more comfortable and accustomed to operating in semi-automatic styles (shutter priority, aperture priority), then select them.

The main thing here is to change only one of the main parameters from frame to frame, and usually only by one or a couple of steps, which depends on the general lighting.

Aperture example: f=7.1 f=8 and f=9; with shutter speed: t=1/100, 1/160 and 1/250. Take a picture and see the end result. In principle, you can try to slightly shift the white balance, play with focus. But these are already other types of bracketing that also exist.

Below is an example where a different shutter speed was used, and the aperture and ISO were not changed. After combining these three photos, we get a wonderful shot.

Note. Creating such a photo with an extremely high dynamic range is not always appropriate and will not always look the way you imagined at first. Neither the computer nor the printing presses are able to fully reflect all the richness of light and shadow.

It is also possible to increase the so-called unwanted halos around objects, and they will have to be actively corrected in graphic editors.

Of course, the image will in any case be more colorful and incredibly clear, if done correctly, than a regular photograph, say, in jpeg.

Also keep in mind that if in a situation of shooting a landscape, architecture, interior hdr will look adequate, then when photographing motion it may not be so. Image overlay can have an unpredictable effect, especially when the camera is unstable.

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